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Contracted processing

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  • Last updated:2023-11-16
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Do you have any manpower requirements? Do you have any trouble in finding the factory? Find Penghu Prison on the right!

Contracted processing business of Penghu Prison is similar to OEM business of private enterprises. Customers provide technique instruction, machineries, and raw materials while Penghu Prison provides manpower, administration, and workplace to save trouble of making products for customers and its understaff or seeking factories. 

The prison has over 10 workshops capable of handling contracted processing business with approximately 1,000 workers. Stable output with high quality can be produced under our strict management, good discipline, abundant manpower, and high degree of cooperation. Most of our inmates in this prison are ones with long sentences, who can cooperate with long-term operation and provide customers OEM service with high and stable quality. Meanwhile, we also welcome any short-term business. 

The prison is responsible for product management, while manufacturers provide technique instruction and seldom have opportunity to get in touch with the inmates. (It is safe as we will deploy security personnel on site if requiring face-to-face instruction.) Therefore, there will be no psychological pressure on the manufacturers. 

The supervisor has rich experience in contracted processing, including paper bag manufacturing, joss paper processing, printing material grinding, stone painting, handicrafts, ceramic products processing, electronic product processing, computer keyboard assembly, canning, shoes making, ball tools making, and sticker packaging. 
The prison is located in the outlying island of “Penghu”. Due to the government’s strong efforts to develop sea and air transportation, it is very convenient for personnel and goods to come and go (dozens of flights are available every day, and vessels are also available from Port of Magong, Port of Kaohsiung, and Port of Budai in Chiayi). Therefore, we also welcome inland manufactures from Taiwan. 

Paper bag production, joss paper processing, printing material grinding, and stone painting are included in our contracted processing business. 

Welcome manufactures visit our site and contact us for detailed information about the contracted processing. 
Hotline: (06) 9213280

Contracted processing-Paper bag making

Paper bag making

Contracted processing-Stone painting

Stone painting

Contracted processing-Seal material grinding

Seal material grinding

Contracted processing-Gold paper processing

Gold paper processing
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