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Sanitation and Health Care

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1. Disease prevention 

All inmates and new inmates receive health examinations. If they are found or suspected to be severely ill, have psychological disease or legal infectious disease, related examinations are immediately arranged and inmates are referred to a physician. The physician is asked to evaluate the inmate’s condition to maintain the inmate’s physical health, and then to follow the Department of Health’s Biological Disaster Prevention and Response Plan to prevent an epidemic from occurring.  Collaboration with hospitals (Tri-Service General Hospital Penghu Branch): The contracted hospital sends technicians to conduct chest X-ray exams on new inmates each day, and to periodically follow-up to prevent pulmonary tuberculosis from spreading.  Necessary blood and urine tests are conducted on new inmates, referred inmates and transferred inmates. Surprise blood tests are irregularly conducted on drug crime inmates, effectively deterring inmates from smuggling drugs or reusing drugs.  The entire prison is cleaned and disinfected on a weekly basis to eliminate any sources. The prison emphasizes the freshness and hygiene of food with the goal to ensure the physical and psychological health of all inmates.

Immates disease prevention class and dagnosis

2. Disease treatment

The prison places great importance on maintaining the health of inmates. There are specially-contracted as well as part-time doctors on regular duty. There are a medical ward, convalescent room, and one negative pressure ward. We have an unending commitment to: improve medical equipment; promote every aspect of health care; implement a healthy environment and uphold sanitation; maintain the physical and mental health of inmates.

Disease treatment

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