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Surroundings and Accommodation capacity

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  • Last updated:2024-06-05
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The Prison is 13.056 hectares in area. It includes 604 rooms (including 1 negative pressure hospital ward) and 15 factory areas. It is divided into 7 administrative districts and 3 team offices, built as a 4 square grid. Each district can act as an isolated unit and includes a factory, classrooms, and an exercise area. The design provides for easier management, spacious barracks, sufficient sunlight and good ventilation.


This facility is mainly designed for male criminals serving sentences of 5 years or longer for manufacture, transport, trafficking, possession and/or use of illegal drugs. It simultaneously accommodates inmates sentenced by the Penghu District Court public prosecutor’s office, individuals for rehabilitation, accused criminals, juvenile inmates, those held for lien and those held for observation and rehabilitation. The prison has an authorized capacity of 1637 inmates. Recently, the number of inmates has often exceeded 1700.


Penghu Prison Courtyard

Prison Corner View

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