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  • Last updated:2023-06-16
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  1. Human Management: The idea is lenient of life caring, and strict of discipline demanding for inmates’ management, so as to rectify their unhealthy habit, change their temperament, cultivate human dignity and shape self-disciplinary behavior.
  2. Enforcing Clearing Guarding Area Case: No matter what persons, cars and goods in entering the guarding area should be seriously investigated from floor to floor. And raids will be made irregularly to avoid illegal goods entering.

    guard and control-human management and enforcing clearing guarding area case, etc.

  3. Emphasizing Double Communication: To set up suggestion box in each dorm. Life evaluation meeting takes place in every month. To collect suggestions for establishing wonderful interaction relationship, this is the reference of disciplinary measurement.
  4. Improving Manager Professional Knowledge: To make a schedule of normal education training courses of prison law, criminal law, the code of criminal procedure, counseling and guidance, arrest technique, abstaining instrument, guns and violence prevention, and regular exercise for dealing with an emergency of violence, escape, and fire.
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