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Work Outside Prison

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  • Last updated:2024-06-05
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Are there any vacancies on your site? Is your company understaffed? Go to Penghu Prison on the right!

“Work outside Prison” policy has been introduced by Agency of Correction to help the prisoners can quickly adapt the society in recent years. Immates with good performance and qualification are permitted to work outside the prison and to learn self-management, gradually adapting to society.
Penghu Prison carefully select appropriate immates to work outside prison to appointed site required by manufacturers based on their performance, age, health condition, case situation, and their willingness etc. since march, 2017. Immates work diligently and obey to rules as they cherish their work opportunities. Penghu Prison has gained a good reputation of work outside prison up till now.

There are 6 immates under “work outside prison” from Penghu Prison cooperating with 3 manufacturers currently (Jun.2019).

Welcome to contact us for more information about “work outside prison”.
Hotline: (06) 9213280

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