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Operation and Vocational Training

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  • Last updated:2023-06-16
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Operations of the Prison aim to train inmates with occupational skill and develop their diligent habits, so that after being released from the Prison the inmates may earn a living, adopt a normal social life, and reduce the likelihood of committing crime again.Once sent into the Prison, inmates will be assigned to a workshop according to education level, expertise, personality tendency, interests, and their physical and mental condition.
Operation and Vocational Training-Environmental finishingOperation and Vocational Training-
Paper bag makingOperation and Vocational Training-Stamp grinding
There are also a number of self-run businesses, including stone carving,sand painting,baking, Woodworking ,farming, sewing and laundry. Business lines are adjusted or added in keeping with economic development.
Operation and Vocational Training-stone carving Operation and Vocational Training-Stone painting
Operation and Vocational Training-Landscaping Operation and Vocational Training-Woodworking
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