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Phone Reservation Meetings

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  • Last updated:2024-06-05
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1. Purpose : We especially offer a phone service to the family or relatives to meet the inmates here.

2. Time of the service to make a reservation :

(1)Please make a reservation by phoning during office hours one day before the meeting.
(2)Office hours: 9:00 - 11:00 A.M. & 14:00 – 16:00 P.M. every Monday to Friday (unavailable on National Holidays).


4 Service line : +886-63-9221727

5. Quota : three reserved meetings in each period (unavailable on holidays or Chinese New Year's holidays).

6 Daily meeting timetable :

Period Time Period Time
1 08:40 5 14:30
2 09:30 6 15:20
3 10:20 7 16:00
4 11:00    

7.Notes for the family or relatives who would like to meet the inmates here :

(1) Meetings with those inmates who violate the regulations or under observations are not allowed.
(2)The family or relatives who make a reservation but do not show up to meet inmates are not allowed to make a second reservation.
(3)After completing the reservation, please come to the prison ten minutes before the reserved period for the meeting to hand in a personal document (ID card, driving license; for foreign visitors, please give residence card or passport) to register for the visiting list.
(4)After completing the reservation, if relatives or family cannot come to meet at the reserved date and period, please cancel the reservation one day before, during the office hours. The phone number is 03-9894166 ext.234. If within half a year, family or relatives who make a reservation but do not show up are not allowed to make any reservations for meetings. We won’t make any reservation for them from their latest reservation onwards for six months.
(5)We won't arrange meetings for those family members or relatives who do not offer the right information in their registration.
(6)The phone-reservation service is not available on holidays or at Chinese New Year.

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